How the SF Giants Use Data Analytics for Partnerships and Marketing

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Like most Major League Baseball (MLB) teams, the San Francisco Giants often experiment with new and innovative ways to bring people to Oracle Park. The team’s novel marketing campaign for the 2023 season, “Nothing Like It,” which targets baseball “skeptics,” is a testament to that.¹ And once they have fans through the gates at Oracle Park, they aim to create standout experiences that keep them engaged and coming back.

In addition to straight-up marketing and advertising, the Giants employ server-based machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) to help make data-driven decisions based on predictive analysis around what different ticketing products and promotions they should offer fans to drive ticket sales. The club also relies on real-time data analytics to improve operations, drive sustainability, and increase concession sales—while making sure Giants fans can purchase food and beverages at the ballpark as quickly as possible while enjoying their gameday experience.

And now, after a period of significant digital transformation that has made Oracle Park the first 100% Wi-Fi 6E-ready professional sports venue, the San Francisco Giants seek to leverage their future-forward IT infrastructure and modern data analytics capabilities even further to deepen their understanding of fan behavior and interests.² That includes

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