Uncovering Dell EMC’s PowerStore B.S. (Bogus Statements)

This post was originally published on Pure Storage

(For the purposes of this post, “B.S.” stands for Bogus Statements. Any other interpretation solely results from the reader’s imagination. 😀)

When I was a kid, I remember playing the card game known as B.S. with my brother. I’d try to expertly get rid of all of my cards while yelling “B.S.” enough correct times so that he was overwhelmed in cards that he had picked up—and he was left with a bunch of cards while I won the game. The card game is known by several other names, and if you haven’t played it yet with your friends or family, I highly recommend it. 

I was thinking the other day how this particular game is very similar to what customers have to “play” with their IT vendors, every day. Customers need to cut through all of the information that the other players (a.k.a. IT vendors) say and know when to yell “B.S.” at the correct time so that they’re not holding all of the thrown-out cards at the end of the game.

In that light, I thought I would post some of (in my opinion) the common “B.S.” that we’ve been hearing from Dell in order to set the

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