Challenge, Meet Radically Simple Data Storage

This post was originally published on Pure Storage

Every time you open your feed, another groundbreaking innovation has changed the game. But it seems like complexity and challenges are never far behind. With every new tech that dazzles us, there’s a team squeezing every last drop out of their infrastructures to make it happen. 

If you talk to them—and we have—you’ll hear that one thing tends to slow them down: data storage. 

It’s the elephant in the data center, the necessary evil, the cost center, the dinosaur. 

But at Pure Storage, we disagree. We don’t see it as boring commodity hardware—we see it as high technology. And we’ve seen what it can help innovators do. 

Read between the lines and you’ll see an opportunity here. We just need to fix what’s wrong with storage…

So, we did.

Legacy Storage Isn’t Just Complex—It’s a Threat

You could say that, despite being a hardware company, Pure has always put people over products. We’ve engineered technology that’s a pleasure to use because we’ve seen what happens when it’s not. 

We heard the litany of problems with traditional storage, including:

It’s complex. Leading to more maintenance, person-hours, and resource management. It’s rigid. At odds with your ability to add new capabilities

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