Telco longboat sails for Copenhagen in ‘code red’ crisis

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More than a thousand years ago, some Danish farmers spoiling for a fight decided their industry needed radical transformation to avoid obsolescence. Hopping into a Viking longboat, they led a series of profitable raids against the British Isles, successfully expanding from agriculture into violence and plunder, and established Denmark as a preeminent regional force.

Taking inspiration from this example, the telecom industry last year shifted its big transformation-themed event to the modern-day Viking headquarters of Copenhagen. Next week, it will be invaded for the second time by thousands of executives attending the TM Forum’s annual Digital Transformation World (DTW) shindig, branded “Ignite” this year for extra effect. The Vikings would have torched their destination and scarpered with the gold. For better-behaved telcos, any treasure is proving much harder to unearth.

A billboard describes one of the challenges at last year’s DTW show in Copenhagen.
(Source: Iain Morris/Light Reading)

That much is clear from a chart knocked up for a new TM Forum (TMF) report. It shows telco sales – tautologically defined here as global CSP (communications service provider) revenues worldwide – have been in decline for more than a decade, dropping to less than $1.8 trillion

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