VMware’s Sanjay Uppal – Automate to avoid edge mismanagement

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LAS VEGAS – VMware Explore – Sanjay Uppal, SVP and GM of service provider & edge business for VMware, joins the podcast to discuss how the company’s customers are deploying secure access service edge (SASE) and software-defined wide area networks (SD-WAN). He explains how VMware is automating enterprise cloud workload management at the edge of the network and why the company is focusing on private mobile networks.

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Here are a few topics we cover:

VMware’s Edge Cloud Orchestrator can be used to manage enterprise cloud workloads (01:04) How VMware’s customers are deploying SASE (03:08) Using SASE and SD-WAN to secure enterprise applications accessed via the home network (06:04) VMware’s private mobile network service launch with Betacom (09:07) Overview of VMware Explore event (10:25)

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