Industrial IoT Security Skills and Certifications: The Essentials

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Whether you’re working in a water treatment plant or running the infrastructure for an energy company, network managers need training in the right skill sets to avoid cyber-attacks. Many options exist for technologists to address the cybersecurity skills gap in the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).

“There is no one-size-fits-all guideline for the skills and staff required to effectively and (equally important in the real world) efficiently secure an industrial system,” says John Pescatore, director of emerging security trends at the SANS Institute. “The overall maturity of IT operations and governance is a huge driver.”

Pescatore adds that “sloppy IT administration is the biggest driver behind most security incidents.”

Here are five tips on acquiring the skills needed in an IIoT environment:

1) Attend industry conferences

To gain knowledge in IIoT, attend training sessions in industrial control systems at the annual Black Hat conference, recommends Larry Trowell, director at penetration-testing company NetSPI. (Black Hat is owned by the same parent company as Network Computing.)

“It’s a two-day course and the best training I’ve seen for IIoT networks,” Trowell says. “It gives a basic overview and covers how to do passive analysis and wireless and software configurations.”

Become familiar

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