3 things to do right now to enhance your cloud computing career

This post was originally published on Info World

One of the most common questions I get is not, “Which cloud is best?” It’s, “How do I improve my cloud computing career growth?” First, let’s focus on what not to do.

Don’t spend too much on executive MBA programs or other expensive educational paths. They rarely return the value you want when considering a cloud computing career path. They will not teach you critical skills in how to build, deploy, and operate cloud computing systems or supporting skills such as creating an operational model, driving enterprise cloud strategy, or even creating a cloud business model. So, keep your money in your bank account.

The three items you can do now that will assist you more and cost you less are more about how you look at cloud skills and jobs today. I’m finding little appetite for advanced degrees; companies want pragmatic, real-world skills that can quickly bring value to their business. That’s where you need to focus. Here are my top three skills to pursue right now: 

Professional networking

Social media such as LinkedIn and Twitter are no longer optional. They provide a valuable platform to find others in the cloud profession, establish beneficial relationships, and even find jobs directly.

I’m not advocating that

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