Taking Help Desk Automation to the Next Level with Ticketless Service Desks

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Running an IT help desk without a ticketing system might seem like driving a car without any wheels. For decades, tickets have been a fundamental resource for keeping help desks organized and efficient.

But that may be changing. Help desk automation has advanced to the point that ticketless service desks are now feasible, creating rich new opportunities for IT teams to add efficiency to some of their core processes.

Here’s how ticketless service desks work, which benefits they offer, and how to enable them.

What Is a Ticketless Service Desk?

A ticketless service desk is a service desk where users can receive the support they need without having to create manual tickets. In a ticketless setup, help desk operations are automated to the point that most user requests can be anticipated and serviced automatically.

Thus, instead of handling user requests by having users contact an IT employee, explain their request, and then have the employee open a ticket for the request, a ticketless service desk automates the request process.

There are several key components to the

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