Bizarre AI-Generated Products Are in Stores. Here's How to Avoid Them.

This post was originally published on IT Pro Today

There’s something off about the black and white drawings in “Floral Whispers, Coloring Book for Women.”

At first glance, the book is just 26 pages of beautiful women with impressive bone structure, surrounded by or covered in flowers. But look closer and you’ll see that some don’t have the right number of fingers, or the fingers are elongated to create spooky alien hands.

The $7.95 paperback by author “Der Vive,” available on Amazon, has all the hallmarks of being generated by artificial intelligence. It’s self-published by an unknown author with no internet history. There are no reviews, and it was only listed in the past few months. The images all have some kind of distortion or oddity that is typically associated with AI, such as incorrect body proportions and at least one mix-up between a flower and a breast.

Easily accessible artificial intelligence is changing how we communicate, work and create. Now, it is infiltrating e-commerce as AI-generated self-help books, mugs, wall art and coloring books proliferate in online marketplaces such as Amazon and Etsy. The third-party sellers aren’t required to disclose what is AI-generated, and it can be nearly impossible

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