SolarWinds IT Trends Report Reveals Observability Advancing Automation

This post was originally published on IT Pro Today

A new report from SolarWinds explores how enterprises can maximize the value of observability solutions to achieve better operational efficiency and business outcomes.

The 2023 IT Trends Report: Lessons From Observability Leaders provides guidance on best practices for implementing observability tools. The report, which coincides with the upcoming IT Pro Day on Sept. 19, highlights the divide between companies embracing observability versus those that haven’t yet adopted it.

Observability detects anomalies before they become outages. It also pinpoints root causes to prevent recurrences. According to the report, observability leaders automate more monitoring, detection, and resolution, and as a result they excel at operational efficiency and auto-remediation.

The report reveals that leading organizations commonly follow the following trends:

Investing in top priorities: Organizations are using observability solutions to  improve their customer experience, enable faster innovation, reduce time spent solving and detecting issues, and increase operational efficiency. More automated and integrated: Leaders in the field of observability who are adopting automation and investing in efficiency-enhancing tools are 214% more likely to report stellar performance in operational efficiency.  Ahead on IT: The data reveals that leaders in observability are also significantly outperforming in monitoring, detecting, and

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