Time to Consider AI Costs?

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This story originally appeared on No Jitter.

My colleague Matt Vartabedian at No Jitter has been running a series of Q&A articles with technology leaders about AI, and his latest is especially useful. Vartabedian interviewed Cognigy CEO Phillip Heltewig, and got to the heart of the matter when he asked for advice to the enterprise IT folks trying to understand the impact of AI on their organization.

“I’ll mention something that I think is being completely disregarded by everyone right now,” Heltewig said. “Cost.”

That got my attention. Heltewig went on to drive the point home: “The cost of these models can be tremendous. One GPT4 query can … easily cost 10 cents or more. That is essentially what a whole [AI] conversation commonly costs now. If you do five GPT4 queries in a conversation — and that’s just for the generative AI — that’s 50 cents. That’s crazy.”

Heltewig suggested that every application doesn’t necessarily need the biggest, most powerful large language model (LLM). Here’s the analogy he drew: “I have a double master’s degree in business and computer science, and if you want to ask me, ‘what is 10 plus

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