4 Emerging Technologies for CIOs to Watch in 2023

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CIOs have a responsibility to pay attention to emerging technologies and trends to find opportunities to improve productivity and enhance operational efficiency. Investing in emerging technologies can allow CIOs to create a competitive advantage. Yet while many emerging technologies offer potentially transformational benefits, CIOs must also be aware of the challenges they may pose, such as security and privacy concerns or operational complexity.   

Gartner’s latest Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies has identified a number of disruptive technologies that will affect business and society for the next two through 10 years. CIOs must follow these emerging technologies to determine their impact on organizations, as well as the innovation opportunities they will offer. In partnership with C-suite peers, strategize how to exploit them in line with the organization’s ability to handle unproven technologies.

Gartner’s 2023 emerging technologies fall into four key themes: human-centric security and privacy, emergent AI, pervasive cloud, and developer experience. Here are four key technologies, encompassing each of these themes, that are expected to have significant impact on enterprises within the next decade:

Generative AI

Generative AI technologies can generate new derived versions of content, strategies, designs, and methods by learning

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