CL0P Takes the Spotlight in New Cyber Threat Report

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For IT and tech security professionals concerned that ransomware might be as bad as ever … it is. The latest Global Cyber Threat Intelligence report from NCC Group provides alarming statistics for July 2023. In that month alone, there were a record-breaking 502 ransomware attacks, as well as a 154% increase over the same month last year and a 16% jump over 434 attacks recorded in June.

While there’s never only one cybercriminal group involved in these attacks, there’s often a dominant player, and that was true for July 2023. Thanks to its exploitation of the MOVEit vulnerability, the entity known as CL0P took the top spot by perpetrating 171 attacks, fully a third of the total. Although the full extent of the damage is still being assessed, it’s evident that hat hundreds of organizations and potentially millions of individuals worldwide have fallen victim to this ransomware variant. CL0P appears relentless in its goal to extort data via the MOVEit file transfer program. LockBit 3.0, another well-known cyber gang, chalked up second place with 50 attacks, marking a 17% drop compared to the previous month.

While new threat actors have emerged,

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