National Coding Week: Upskill Your Coding Knowledge with Pure Storage

This post was originally published on Pure Storage

The Pure Storage team is always here to help you access the information and resources you need to get the most out of your Pure Storage products. In addition to the Pure PEAK Program, our experts regularly share content—coding included—in the Purely Technical category of our blog. 

It’s National Coding Week, which is a perfect opportunity to share some of the resources from our community of developers and engineers. 

How to Improve Python S3 Client Performance with Rust: This blog post helps solve the Python S3 performance problem. It does so by replacing Boto3 with equivalent functionality written in a modern, compiled language. 

How to List 67 Billion Objects in 1 Bucket in Golang: Learn what it takes to list all keys in a single bucket with 67 billion objects and build a simple list benchmark program in Golang.

Trino S3 via hive-metastore Integration: Learn how to use S3 storage on a Pure Storage FlashBlade with Trino, the fast distributed SQL query engine for big data.

Airbyte S3 Connector on Kubernetes: Learn how a simple implementation of Airbyte on Kubernetes with S3 integration on Pure Storage FlashBlade.

How to Create an S3 Bucket with Terraform: Instead of manually provisioning several

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