Interactive Data Analytics With PowerShell, SQL, and ChatGPT (Sample Script)

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In a series of recent articles, I talked about reading SQL Server data into PowerShell, filtering that data, and performing basic data analytics with charting. You can expand on these capabilities by adding ChatGPT-based data analytic capabilities to your PowerShell scripts. This article will guide you through the process.

Before we begin, I recommend reading my articles on two key topics: using PowerShell for charting SQL Server data and accessing ChatGPT with PowerShell. These articles contain information you will need to build a PowerShell script that uses AI-based data analytics for SQL Server data.

Overview of Graphical Elements

In this article, I am going to adapt my existing PowerShell charting script (which you can review here) to include ChatGPT support. To achieve this, we must introduce a few visual components to the Windows form:

an input box to interact with ChatGPT by asking questions; an output box within which to display ChatGPT’s responses; and a “submit” button that can be used to initiate a query.

You can see what these elements look like in Figure 1.

Brien Posey

Figure 1. This is what the data analytics app looks like.

One thing that makes this app so unique (besides the fact

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