Software Engineering Talent in Strong Demand in 2023

This post was originally published on IT Pro Today

Despite ongoing cycles of layoffs by major tech companies, software engineering talent is still in high demand, with the emphasis talent leaders are placing on strong engineers only growing, according to a Karat/Harris Poll survey of 600 engineering and talent leaders.

The survey revealed that more than half of the engineering leaders said strong engineers were worth at least three times their total compensation — up more than 20% since the job market peak in 2020.

Jason Wodicka, principal engineering advocate at Karat, calls the continued acceleration of the hiring process “really interesting.”

“We first started seeing interview cycles speed up during the 2020 lockdowns as remote work enabled faster scheduling,” Wodicka said. “Now, even though the overall pace of hiring has slowed, we’re still seeing that trend continue.”

The highest performing leaders the company surveyed averaged eight days for their technical interviews — nearly a week faster than their peers. Karat’s interview data from the past year confirms this trend.

“We’ve seen the average time to interview completion shrink from seven days in 2022 to just five days in 2023 as more candidates

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