Living Spaces Furniture: Scaling to 50 sites with only 3 network staff

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Collapsing the stack and centralizing management helps Living Spaces accelerate scaling across the U.S.

“We’ve quadrupled business, but Nodegrid is actually shrinking our workload, especially as we implement new automation. It’s a gamechanger for network folks. Period.” — Blake Johnson, Network Architect, Living Spaces Furniture

Living Spaces is a prominent furniture retailer in the United States. Their store locations include large showrooms, where customers can view furnishings for indoor and outdoor spaces, and plenty of warehouse space for storing on-hand inventory. These locations must serve customers with responsive shopping experiences, which depend on the network infrastructure.

Increasing demand helped Living Spaces grow out of its home state of California, into states including Arizona, Colorado, Oklahoma, Texas, and others. Their out-of-band infrastructure was crucial to spinning up new locations and maintaining operations. But they faced a significant problem: this infrastructure was incredibly complex and costly, requiring many dedicated cellular and out-of-band devices at each location. See why their three-person network team needed a solution that could:

Reduce costs and eliminate the need for $300,000 per year in SIM contracts Reduce workloads and

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