Nodegrid OS and ZPE Cloud achieve industry’s highest security with Synopsys

This post was originally published on ZPE Systems

How do you address security across the software development life cycle?

“Security is the cornerstone of ZPE’s infrastructure management solutions,” says Koroush Saraf, Vice President of Product Management and Marketing at ZPE Systems. “Our automation platform touches every aspect of our customers’ critical infrastructure, from networking and firewall gear, to servers, smart PDUs, and everything else in their production network. The ZPE portfolio is architected with the strongest security and implemented with the same level of scrutiny.”

Given the critical nature of enterprise networking, security is paramount to ZPE’s customers.

“The average time taken to apply patches and fix vulnerabilities can be more than 205 days,” says Saraf. “This is due to many reasons: limited resources and time, concerns that something may break, or in some cases, admins don’t even know that a critical patch is available. That’s why ZPE takes on the responsibility for customers. They’re assured that the systems running their infrastructure are running the latest, most secure software. And if a patch fails, our built-in undo button reverts to a safe configuration before any damage can be done.”

Saraf adds, “Like with all modern organizations, ZPE uses a complex mix

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