OOB Network Management Software Tools

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Network management software tools enable administrators to provision, monitor, and maintain networks and network infrastructure without manually touching each individual device or service. We’ve previously covered the best network management software for both cloud-based and hardware-based networks. This post dives deeper into the hardware-based network management tools deployed in on-premises or private cloud environments via serial consoles (a.k.a. console servers, serial console servers, serial console routers, or serial switches).

These network management software tools provide out-of-band (OOB) management access to connected network infrastructure in data centers and remote sites. Serial consoles directly interface with network systems and devices, creating an isolated management network that doesn’t depend on the production LAN, WAN, or ISP. OOB management ensures continuous remote access even during major outages, so teams can troubleshoot and recover branch offices, edge computing sites, and other remote environments without costly truck rolls or managed service support. OOB console servers also unify management of all connected infrastructure, giving administrators a single platform to monitor, control, and automate the entire distributed network architecture.

Looking for a new out-of-band network management device? Read our guide: ​

Comparing the Best Out-of-Band Management Devices


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