Breaking Down The 2023 Ragnar Locker Cyberattacks

This post was originally published on ZPE Systems

This article was written by James Cabe, CISSP, a 30-year cybersecurity expert who’s helped major companies including Microsoft and Fortinet.

Throughout 2023, several organizations were successfully hit by Ragnar Locker cyberattacks. The affected victims spanned the globe and were forced to shut down much of their critical operations, while the attackers demanded tens of millions of dollars in ransom payments. Despite the group being taken down by law enforcement in October, organizations are re-evaluating their defensive measures — and more importantly, their recovery strategies — to combat these attacks.

If you read my previous articles about the ongoing MOVEit breach and the ransomware that hit MGM, you probably know that isolation is key. It helps you fight through attacks by cutting the kill chain, so that you can restore services quickly without reinfection.

Recent Ragnar Locker cyberattacks were carried out by the Dark Angels Team cybercriminal group. Dark Angels Team’s modus operandi is to breach a company’s defenses, spread laterally, and steal data that can be used to extort the target company. The approach they take involves gaining access to the Windows domain controller, where they deploy

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