Pure Simplifies and Accelerates AI Success with AIRI Built on NVIDIA DGX BasePOD

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The deployment of AI is a major challenge with many different choices when it comes to technology and infrastructure. Pure Storage pioneered in 2018 the concept of AI-ready infrastructure (AIRI) to simplify AI technology deployments. AIRI® is a proven, validated compute, storage, and network stack that is optimized for AI. We’ve just released a new AIRI reference architecture certified with NVIDIA DGX BasePOD that enables customers to bypass painful build-it-yourself solutions. 

AIRI built on NVIDIA DGX BasePOD offers a prescriptive AI infrastructure for enterprises, reducing the design challenges, lengthy deployment cycle, and management complexity traditionally associated with scaling AI infrastructure. Certification ensures a validated, proven full-stack solution that is simple to use, enabling you to reap the benefits of AI right away with a fast, efficient, and future-proof infrastructure to meet your AI demands at enterprise scale. NVIDIA Base Command, NVIDIA AI Enterprise, and Pure Storage® Purity//FB operating environment provide the essential foundation for AI development optimized for enterprise businesses.

Hold On! What about AI in the Cloud? 

Cloud is certainly a top consideration for AI projects, especially in exploratory or pilot phases. Is it easy? It certainly can be, but the more complex and large your AI project becomes,

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