Zscaler Study Finds Companies are Rushing Towards Generative AI Without Considering the Risks

This post was originally published on Network Computing

As technology advances, organizations are always looking for the latest and greatest tools to help them stay ahead of the competition. However, a new study by Zscaler has revealed a concerning trend where organizations are rushing to adopt generative artificial intelligence (gen AI) tools despite security concerns.

The study, All Eyes on Securing GenAI, delves into the implications of this trend on security. It’s based on responses from 901 IT decision-makers across ten global markets, focusing on companies with 500 or more employees. The IT decision-makers were surveyed in Oct. 2023 by Sapio Research.

The findings are striking: an overwhelming 95 percent of organizations employ gen AI tools like ChatGPT in various capacities. Breaking down the numbers further, 57 percent fully use gen AI, while 38 percent are cautiously approaching their use. The most common use cases are data analysis (78 percent), R&D services development (55 percent), marketing (53 percent), end-user tasks (44 percent), and logistics (41 percent).

However, alongside this rapid adoption, there’s a significant awareness of potential security risks, with 89 percent of organizations acknowledging this concern. Surprisingly, a considerable portion (23 percent) of these organizations lack any form of monitoring for their gen AI tool usage,

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