Beyond the Firewall: Insights and Strategies from Leading CISOs

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What happens when four chief information security officers (CISOs) get together to talk shop? You hear the truth from the front lines—not just the headlines.

Recently, Pure Storage hosted a roundtable discussion with four CISOs to uncover the biggest InfoSec challenges facing enterprises today. They also debunked old myths and revealed the solutions they actually need in the heat of an attack. Because—if there’s one thing they agreed on—it’s a matter of when, not if.

“No one beats anyone up anymore for getting compromised because they understand that companies will get compromised. It’s all about the ability to respond.”

Download this exclusive report now for an inside look at today’s enterprise security landscape, including:

A look at the challenges CISOs face day to day—such as juggling the expectations of diverse stakeholders, from compliance requirements and board directives to customer trust and market dynamics.  Expert advice for better data hygiene—and perspectives on the team best suited to own this critical practice. The immense risk of third-party software breaches—from reputation and loss of trust to personal liability. The technologies that enable faster recovery in the wake of an attack. Why “identity is the new perimeter”. Gartner reports that by 2027, 50%

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