HPE Builds AI Customization into Its Aruba Networking Central Platform

This post was originally published on Network Computing

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) upgraded its HPE Aruba Networking Central platform for network management by integrating generative artificial intelligence (GenAI) large language models (LLMs). The upgrade enhances the platform’s search functionality, making it faster and more accurate, simplifying tasks for network operators, and enhancing network services.

HPE has already invested significantly in AI for network management, developing technologies for tasks like configuring environments and understanding device connections. According to Alan Ni, senior director of edge marketing at HPE Aruba Networking, the introduction of generative AI and LLMs further improves the platform’s search capabilities and enables more intelligent, human-like responses to queries.

The GenAI-powered search feature promises faster, more accurate, and more efficient query handling. This is achieved by replacing traditional natural language processing engines with more advanced LLM transformers, which better understand the intent behind queries and provide relevant responses.

“If you think about the queries that go into Central, they are network jargon. The efficacy of this is a lot better when we understand intent. We also can provide the end user with output based on that intent. It may be a direct command, where they’re instructing the system to understand why there is poor performance. So

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