Cyberthreats are Soaring: ZPE Systems Urges Immediate Action with Gen 3 Console Servers to Thwart Breaches

This post was originally published on ZPE Systems

Organizations using end-of-life console servers must reduce their vulnerability exposure and secure their infrastructure comprehensively by using ZPE’s console servers, installation services and configuration engineering. 

Fremont, CA, May 2, 2024 — As cyberattacks continue to rise, ZPE Systems, a leader in network management infrastructure, recently acquired by Legrand, is urging organizations to  transition to Generation 3 console servers as part of their security strategies. With other well-known infrastructure providers discontinuing support for serial consoles already in use within data centers, communication networks and other commercial and industrial environments, the need to upgrade is paramount.    

Console servers are the backbone of remote IT management, providing essential access to network devices and servers. However, using discontinued console servers poses significant security risks. Outdated firmware may contain known vulnerabilities that enable cyber attackers to infiltrate critical systems, causing costly data breaches and operational disruptions. 

Despite these substantial risks, many organizations hesitate to replace their outdated infrastructure, citing budget constraints, labor costs and concerns about infrastructure disruption. Arnaldo Zimmermann, cofounder of ZPE Systems, highlights this dilemma, saying, “Organizations face financial constraints when considering hardware upgrades, especially when existing infrastructure seems to be working

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