HP Poly Rolls Out a Bevy of Products Aimed at Improving Hybrid Work

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Will people return to the office or not? That has been the big question since the pandemic-induced work-from-home period ended several years ago. Since then, many companies have mandated employees return to work only to have workers push back. Some companies have made seeing employees’ desire to spend time in the office optional. After swinging the pendulum back and forth, most companies have settled into a hybrid work plan.

This emphasizes meeting room technology, as almost all meetings will have remote participants, and creating meeting equality for all participants is now a must. There are many challenges when it comes to collaborating in large meeting rooms. Video issues frequently arise, with participants being blocked from the camera. Audio problems, such as poor acoustics and insufficient microphone coverage, make it difficult for participants to hear. Moreover, the large room setup and integration process is complex, time-consuming, and requires various components.

To address these challenges, HP subsidiary Poly is bringing new video conferencing solutions to the market that provide smarter, more adaptable, and immersive meeting experiences. Let’s take a closer look at the latest offerings, all of which are being released in June.

Poly Studio G62 and G9 Plus

First on the list is the Poly

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