Everything You Need to Know about Today and Tomorrow’s Office Network

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The workplace is in a period of immense transformation, with return-to-office (RTO) and hybrid models bringing a new demand for tools that help people work from anywhere, any time. More than ever, organizations rely on new technologies and applications to support a variety of workplace scenarios. These fundamental changes have brought networking and IT needs to the forefront for business leaders, especially with how far tech has advanced in the last few years. Leaders now recognize that IT and networking departments are as critical as traditional business departments, like sales or marketing, to keep the organization moving forward instead of a reactive function as they’ve been viewed in the past.

In today’s ever-evolving workplace, IT decision-makers must ensure their respective networks can support employees in and out of the office – and with uninterrupted, reliable connectivity. Here are three areas to consider when determining how this can best be done.

In-Office Success

For those returning to the office, this may be the first time that a majority of employees are under one roof since before the pandemic. Likely, networks haven’t been used or tested for this capacity in some time, which means IT teams need to prepare for this influx. Assess your current

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