12 Network Metrics and KPIs You Should Probably Care About

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It is a given that your network monitoring or network management solution collects data that drives metrics and key performance indicators (KPI). The trick is deciding which of these to track, analyze, and use as network performance and operational goals.

First, metrics and KPIs are different but can be the same thing. Does that sound weird? Not really. I’ll explain.

Network KPIs are goal-oriented metrics that measure and benchmark the network’s operation and show network professionals what they need to do to achieve optimal network performance, boost service levels, and set and then meet service level agreements (SLAs). Think of KPIs as business-oriented metrics.

The KPIs can tell network pros when they should be:

    Investing in better network infrastructure

    Reconfiguring the network to achieve performance goals

    Changing end-user network use policies.

    KPIs Versus Metrics

    A square is a rectangle, but a rectangle isn’t always a square. The same is true for metrics and KPIs, where a KPI is always a metric, but a metric isn’t always a KPI.

    While all KPIs are metrics, metrics like rectangles are a broader category that tracks and quantifies items that aren’t necessarily critical or

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