You Get What You Pay For: Invest in a Unified Data Platform to Save across the Board

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As data volumes grow exponentially, CFOs are taking a closer look at data storage and how it impacts the company’s balance sheet and its future.

For today’s executives, weathering market trends and changes is nothing new. What is new, however, is how they’re facing this change. When you can’t predict where disruption is coming from next, being as flexible and adaptable as possible is how to survive. 

But we’ve hit an inflection point: It’s no longer just about overcoming shifts and economic shocks. There’s a cautious optimism and excitement happening right now, and it’s due largely to the next generation of platforms and services that promise to transform old enterprise IT purchasing models—and businesses—as a whole.

Top Five Ways to Save Costs with a Consistent Data Storage Platform

The Next Big Disruption Is Data

Here’s the thing: Savvy execs actually do know where the next big challenges are coming from. Climate change, colossal data growth, and advancements in AI are top of mind for everyone—for CFOs, this translates to costs associated with data center sprawl, rising energy costs, outdated IT technology, and more. These issues are driving organizations to take a closer look at their current data storage infrastructures

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