Cisco Live 2024 – Koroush Saraf Demos ZPE Cloud

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Koroush Saraf gives a peek ZPE Cloud’s UI, which provides a centralized management solution that IT admins can access from anywhere (even the coffee shop).

Two-way authentication and role-based access control are only a couple of the built-in safeguards that add to ZPE’s security-in-layers approach to networking and IT infrastructure management.

Check out more of our content from Cisco Live 2024 when you visit our page Cisco Live 2024 – ZPE Systems. You’ll find our 8-minute presentation about how to make networks hard to fail and easy to recover, where we discuss the network resilience best practices recommended by CISA, the NSA, and other watchdog agencies.

You’ll also find customer case studies, along with the blueprint that makes it simple to implement these best practices.

ZPE Systems delivers innovative solutions to simplify infrastructure managment at the datacenter, branch, and edge.

Learn how our Zero Pain Ecosystem can solve your biggest network orchestration pain points.

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