Should Sustainability be a Network Issue?

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Most IT departments set sustainability as a strategic goal, yet the network side of sustainability seldom gets the attention. Should networks also be looked at for sustainability? And if they are, what are the best areas to focus on?

First, let’s look at the idea of making sustainability a network issue.

There is a historical argument not to make sustainability a network issue—simply because the low-lying fruit in IT for greening its operations has always been in storage and server virtualization and in data center floor space reduction. These areas have been so successfully greened that there have been some cases where they have been able to fulfill an entire enterprise’s annual sustainability goals without looking further!

However, there’s a “catch,” these areas are getting tapped out. At the same time that this is occurring, more corporate boards are considering linking sustainability to CIO compensation. As this happens, it isn’t a far reach to see CIOs going to their network managers and linking network sustainability performance to network manager compensation.

Rather than wait for your boss to say that you will be evaluated for network sustainability progress, it’s advantageous for network managers to get in front of sustainability by looking into what can be

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