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What developers should do during a downturn

Many young developers today do not remember the time of the shedding and cold rocks, let alone the dotcom bomb (or its associated fansite). Before each of these collapses, the fat times felt like they would never end. But fat times always give way to lean times and layoffs. Even if you are in a stable position, it is wise to prepare for the unexpected.Companies started enticing employees with free drinks just before the 2000 dotcom bomb. Silicon Valley started serving employees free food before the 2008 recession. Granted, free food and drinks are enticements to stay in the office, but in lean times… there are layoffs. These perks go away, or you’re encouraged not to use them.To read this article in full, please click here
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Google pulls the plug on Optimize

Google’s Optimize and Optimize 360 website testing and analytics tools will no longer be available after September 30, 2023. Customers’ personalizations and experiments on Optimize and Optimize 360 can continue to run until September 30, but any still active on that date will end, the company said.In a bulletin published January 20, Google said it remains committed to enabling businesses of all sizes to improve user experiences and is investing in A/B testing in Google Analytics 4. Introduced July 31, 2019, Google Analytics 4 is an analytics service for measuring engagement and traffic across websites.To read this article in full, please click here
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Can AI replace cloud architects?

As I mentioned a few times in this blog, I’ve been working with and teaching about artificial intelligence since the start of my career. This drove much of my interest in cloud computing because AI was not economically viable or accessible until “the cloud” came along.Interest in AI and its applications inflected about five years ago. Then the pandemic happened and some budgets shifted to speedy cloud migrations. Now that things are returning to normal, AI is back. Most enterprises grasp the fundamental possibilities of AI and are looking to weaponize the technology for their own business.The technology got way more impressive along the way. Generative AI, for example, went from PhD dissertations to an accessible and free reality with the advent of generative AI services such as ChatGPT.To read this article in full, please click here
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CodeSandbox adds Rust support

Developers now can build Rust applications in the CodeSandbox cloud development platform.Newly added Rust support in CodeSandbox allows developers to spin up a Rust development environment within two seconds, the company announced on January 18. A Rust starter template helps developers kickstart their projects.CodeSandbox is positioned as an environment for anyone to code, collaborate, and produce projects of any size from any device, quickly. Every sandbox has a public URL that can be shared. Sandboxes that get too large can be exported to GitHub, with developers able to commit to GitHub while using CodeSandbox.To read this article in full, please click here
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